I’m Shana, and I’m your Connection Guru . I build relationships with others, and I deliberately share those connections with you. I want you to understand the heart of connections. Let me be clear here, I understand the power of connections because I serve a God that knows the sacrifice of relationships. Yes, I’m a Christian who owns a business. In a nutshell, I use my God-given gift of connection to help others build their businesses. For 5 years, I’ve facilitated networking and assisted with planning and executing over 100 events with nearly 2,000 people in attendance. Working with the creators of Charlotte’s Professional Networking Week, Connecting the Dots, and Move & Shake have solidified my place in the networking community.


I am the founder and sole creator of YEN (Youth Entrepreneurs Networking), an annual live experience for young women and men who are seeking the knowledge and skills to build their own businesses and become the future of the business world. Through my signature program, Jr. Gurus, I guide children from 8-18 years old who are business owners as they hone their leadership skills, work in integrity, and build solid businesses. I believe God is calling me to help these young minds become millionaires. I believe that children are our present, and they will become our future. YEN and Jr. Gurus allow me to pour into our future, one child at a time. Learn more about YEN here www.youthentrepreneursnetworking.com


When I’m not working with event hosts and planners, I am hanging out with my husband and my daughter, making jokes, and loving life. I love my church and spend a great deal of time serving the ministries there. I have the gift of gab, I love to talk, and I can eat popcorn everyday. If you’d like to connect with me, send me a message at shana@theconnectionguru.co


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