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Hey Yall!  If you're not converting your networking efforts into relationships that render paying clients, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. We help you have normal conversations that lead to authentic relationships and BAGS SECURED
 I'm Shana
The Connection Guru

I love people. I love connecting people. This is what I'm purposed to do. My purpose is to connect you with the people you need in your life to make your dreams come true. I believe that relationships are king and making connections is how you become the queen of your life. You can’t live without people, and I’m here to help you do it in a way that benefits you.


Select Your Networking Experience


6-hour VIP day to create a networking strategy that will enhance how you build new relationships. What your day will deliver to you:

  • Uncovering Your Networking Block

  • Build Confidence in Networking

  • Developing an elevator pitch Assess G.O.A.L.S.

  • Develop a networking strategy

  • The ART of following up


This 3- month service is for the entrepreneur who may not have time to network or doesn’t prefer the actual art of networking in events. This option creates time where it doesn’t exist by allowing your networking experience to be handled by us.

We will:

  • Assess what is needed in your business regarding new relationships

  • Recommend new connections to support needed relationships.

  • Implement a strategy to begin networking and connecting you to new relationships.

  • Transition your business’s time, increase connections and develop relationships.


"Shana is a breath of fresh air and her passion is contagious. Her perspective on networking shifts the entire concept of relationships building with positive outcome. She cares deeply about the next generation and is an amazing community leader who has led a journey of impact and honesty." 

Jania M.

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